Manchester United news: ‘Did you give your all to that football club?’


Mourinho was paid his £15million compensation in full after his sacking in December

Tony Cascarino has questioned Jose Mourinho’s commitment to Manchester United before getting sacked and believes he did not deserve his full compensation.

Mourinho was paid the £15million owed to him by United and is now free to take another job.

He was deposed by the Red Devils in December after a string of bad results had left them 19 points behind leaders Liverpool.

Mourinho is now a managerial free agent

Speaking on Jim White’s talkSPORT show, Cascarino said: “It doesn’t sit well with me. First of all you can put him on gardening leave, which means he keeps getting paid and can’t take another job, but there is a part of me that thinks, ‘would you ever consider a manager really wanting to be sacked?’

“I’ve watched United play in recent weeks and we’re all told the big smile on their faces is the massive reason why United had this upchange in performances and have been superb.

“How negligent was Mourinho? And getting paid off completely.

“Jose, really did you give your all to that football club?

“If a player had acted the way you did, you would have questioned his attitude towards being a player for Man United.”

Cascarino also believes that managers should have similar contracts to players so they cannot just “walk out on club”.

Mourinho was given £15million in compensation

Mourinho was given £15million in compensation

He said: “In the last six months I saw a manager completely in conflict with everybody at the football club. Most of them players.

“Some of his statements were embarrassing to the football club and could he hold his head up high about the job he did in the last year or so at Old Trafford? I would say no.

“When a guy gets £15million and the way he has acted in front of camera towards his football club and then gets paid the full amount.

“I don’t get why the club have to pay him up in full. Contracts for managers should be similar to players.

“Managers can walk out on clubs, players can’t, they have to agree a fee.”

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